Ekaterina Mayenfels

Artist Biography

     Ekaterina Pershutova was born May 10, 1971 in Bobruisk, Belarus in the former USSR where her father a Russian bomber pilot was stationed. Soon after at the age of four her family comprised of father Viktor, mother Galina, and herself were transferred to a secret military base on the Volga River, near the town of Engels.

     During this period of time she developed a love for animals and nature. Her parents would encourage her interest by buying her animal books and magazines. Not long after Ekaterina discovered an interest in art and drawing which, had a history in her family. Her great grandfather Nikolai was master engraver at a gun factory who at one time was commissioned to engrave a hunting scene on a rifle as a gift for Lenin. Maria, her grandmother, also an artist loved painting landscapes in oil especially the woods near Yasnaya Polyana, Leo Tolstoy’s estate.

     At the age of 10 her family moved yet again, near Moscow, to Tula, her father’s place of birth. This gave Ekaterina the chance to spend a lot of time with her grandmother who gave encouragement by taking her to the park to feed squirrels, swans and collect fallen leaves in autumn which Maria used for reference in her own sketches and paintings.

     Most of Ekaterina’s early artistic time at a young age was spent drawing her two favorite things, horses and ballerinas. She soon became very popular in school as her classmates would request drawings of horses for themselves. Also, during this time in 1982 a new sister Victoria was welcomed to the family.

     Her interest in art continued to grow and not long after at the age of 13 she joined an art school for children which later led to enrollment in the Orel College of Art where she earned a Bachelor of Arts.



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