Ekaterina Mayenfels


Thank you for coming to check out my art.  Take a little tour - check out my pictures, read my biography and check out my store.
Amongst my many pictures you will notice a strong influence from the Canadian wilderness and landscape.  I have been inspired to do each piece because of where I live and the things that surround me.
    Locally here in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, there are many animals to encounter from my series.
    My pencil drawings showcasing many Pacific Northwest animals and a few from around the world. I’m inspired by the beauty and detail of nature that surrounds us. Showing animals not just as a ‘type’ but trying to capture an animal’s spirit and emotion. With the drawings that are not portraits it’s important for me to try and capture a possible moment in time that could occur seeing a wild animal in that brief moment before being seen and it disappears into the forest. Many of the drawings hide a small detail like a spider or moth for viewers to find adding a small element of fun and interactivity, hopefully drawing the interest of children to my art. I strive to improve and bring more of myself into each drawing I create.

    Every moment in nature is unique and life consists of these tiny moments. I want people to focus on my art as capturing a particular moment in time in an animal’s life. It is my hope that within the eyes of my drawings people look deeper and see not just a creature but a living thing, with a soul, injected with personality and character.



Original Framed Drawing with Artist Enscription $600 

11x14 Replica Print with wide setting  $40

8.5x11 Replica Print  $20

5.5x8.5 Replica Print  $10

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